Religion Discussion rules and purpose

The primary purpose of this group is to share ideas, discuss and debate issues related to the existence of a deity or deities, the social and psychological implications of religions and personal faiths, and the scientific implications regarding these topics.

Please read these rules before you participate in this group.

1. This is an English debate group. Please post/comment in English, and ONLY English. It's ok to post in another language when discussing its interpretation or meaning, however a direct debate or conversation in another language will not be accepted.

2. All posts (including images, videos, links, quotes/excerpts) must have a discussion point typed by you. A discussion point is a question or statement that encourages discussion. Do not bury a discussion point in a wall of text. The meat of the discussion point should be in the post that you type, because many people don't have the access to play a video, see an image or follow a link.

3. No preaching. Preaching is not discussion. Preaching is where the preacher preaches to the audience, and ignores any feedback from the audience.

4. Do not insult other members of the group, and debate but do not fight. You can criticise and attack ideas, religions, Gods and historical figures, but not other members of this group.

5. No hate speech. We're using the Facebook definition, which is In summary - an attack on race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, sex, gender, gender identity and serious disability or disease. Action at the discretion of the Admin Team.

6. Trolling (posting solely with intent to upset or offend others) is not allowed. Excessive trolling in comments is not allowed.

7. Graphic images and Videos (pornography or violence) are not allowed. Images of a sexual nature, especially when not related to a serious debate topic, are not allowed. If you are planning to post a graphic image(s) or video(s) related to a serious debate topic, contact an admin in beforehand and ask for permission.

8. Blocking an Admin or a Moderator is not allowed as this substantially decreases the efficiency with which this group can be run.

9. Abusing the report feature on Facebook against others will result in a permanent ban from the group.

10. All posts should be related to the group topic. Off topic posts will result in a warning and the removal of the post. Also allowed are discussions on abiogenesis, evolution, scientific method, abortion, euthanasia, suicide, ethics, morality, homosexuality, cosmology and logic. It should not be necessary to play a video or follow a link, to discover the religious aspect of the post.

11. Spamming in this group is strictly prohibited. This includes advertising services, sites, pages, YouTube channels, other groups, etc.


13. Do not delete or heavily edit a post once you've made it, or switch off commenting. Do not delete comments once other people have replied to the comments. In the light of several previous infractions, missionaries of any religion are required to promise not to violate this rule, and will be on Post Approval until that promise is made.

14. Posting uncensored screenshots of posts and comments from this group to elsewhere is not allowed. Please rub out names and profile pictures before doing so.

15. Suggesting or encouraging a member to commit suicide is an instant ban. Sexual harrasment and threats to harm another are also an instant ban. Please refer to Facebook community standards.

16. If you refuse to abide by these rules, then you will be banned

In this group you will get three (3) warnings. The first offense will result in a free warning, the second offense will result in a warning and a 24 hour mute and the third violation earns a permanent ban from the group.

If you have been muted, you will still be able to observe the group, like posts and comments, receive notifications from the group etc. However, you will no longer be able to post or comment in the group for the duration set by the Admin Team.

Good Luck!